Why you should include Epsom Salts in your self care routine

Indulge Epsom Salts are 100% natural magnesium sulfate sourced directly from Germany – one of only 4 places in the world that has naturally occurring epsom salts.  Most Epsom Salts you buy from the supermarket aisle are synthetic. Scientists are very smart and can mimic most things from Nature but we don’t think there is any scientist smarter than Mother Nature herself.   

Natural Magnesium Sulfate is bioavailable which means it can effectively cross the skins membrane and enter the cells so it is more effective.  

Epsom salt benefits are known to include;

  • a boost in magnesium levels
  • stress reduction
  • relax muscles
  • relax mind
  • toxin elimination
  • pain relief
  • blood sugar improvement.

Epsom salt is also a recommended natural remedy by arthritis experts for relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Take a break

A weekly Epsom Salt bath can help to extend the benefits of your massage in between sessions.  It’s perfect to aid in recovery after a strenuous sporting event or when you haven’t used muscles in a particular way for a long time i.e. after those first days back up the mountain, or after a stressful day at work.  

Make an Epsom Salt bath part of your regular self care routine.