The Next Biggest Trend in Spa-ing…

The number one reason people state for needing a massage or a spa day is for ‘relaxation’.  They want to be made to feel comfortable, taken care of and pampered.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect relaxing environment, the place where you are most comfortable, where you can truly feel yourself without the need for fancy uncomfortable clothes and a cloak of makeup disguise.  

Did you picture yourself driving through traffic, trying to make it to an appointment on time, hustling for a car park after rushing to apply your make-up and choose the perfect outfit that you know is going to be completely unnecessary when you finally reach your destination?  

Or was it you, cosied up on your couch in your plush hotel robe/old faithful robe or trackies and oversized jumper, hair a mess,  in front of the fireplace reading the latest best seller?   

Call it in-room, out-call, mobile massage/spa-ing, but this is the next biggest trend in the spa industry today. Let the spa come to you! The biggest effort you have to make is picking up the phone to arrange an appointment.   The purpose of a day spa experience is to provide a relaxing environment and what environment is more relaxing than the comfort of your own space.  

Your therapist/s will come to you at a time convenient to you (often after hours). They will provide an expert unrushed tailored treatment, with every comfort you expect at a day spa including; music, heated tables, personally selected warmed Indulge Signature Blend massage oils, soft cosy sheets, hot towels and an experienced therapist that is really passionate about providing the best service possible.

Stay in, stay warm, stay cosy, stay comfortable, stay relaxed and still have the most amazing spa treatment without stepping a foot out of your door.  The ultimate Indulgence with Indulge Mobile Spa.

Now offering full spa service menu with Organicspa facials, scrubs, wraps and spa packages on the menu.