The Organicspa natural range has high levels of active and pure organic content and with no synthetic ingredients whilst still providing results driven quality spa-strength products.  Used in all Indulge Facial and Body Treatments this unique product range holds the power to thriving radiant youthful skin.  Shop Organicspa online

Indulge massages begin with a sensory journey to choose the Indulge Aromatherapy Signature Massage Oil which resonates best with you in that exact moment. Essential oils work on an emotional level as well as a physical level to improve one’s general state of health and well being.

To conclude your massage or spa day we highly recommend a soak in the bath with Indulge Epsom Salts.  Indulge Epsom Salts are 100% natural magnesium sulfate sourced directly from Germany – one of only 4 places in the world that has naturally occurring epsom salts.  Most Epsom Salts you buy from the supermarket aisle are synthetic. Scientists are very smart and can mimic most things from Nature but we don’t think there is any scientist smarter than Mother Nature herself.  See more about the benefits of Epsom Salts here